Jennie McNulty is one of the best comedy writers working today.   The Examiner calls her “an “infectiously energetic, remarkably deft comic with a warm disarming style and some of the best improv skills in the business.”  She has been twice featured on MTV Network’s, Logo Television and has entertained the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Asia and Eastern Europe.  She has headlined comedy clubs, colleges and events from coast to coast, she’s worked cruise ships and resort gigs and she spent 6 summer seasons performing nightly in Provincetown, MA.

With all of that performance experience, McNulty knows every aspect of stand up comedy.  She knows not only how to write great jokes but how to read a crowd and make every show a success.  And she also knows how to teach the skills that make stand up look easy.   She can show you the subtleties that turns “decent jokes” into great jokes.   And, she knows how to help you find  your own funny so you can make others laugh.

Whether you are brand new and want to learn how to write stand up comedy or a seasoned vet that has a joke that you know should work but it’s just not getting laughs, call the Joke Dr.  Laughter isn’t just the best medicine, it’s also the best outcome.  Make your appointment today.


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